A Kansas family relocates to Beverly Hills, where their two children adapt to the infamous social drama of West Beverly Hills High.

S5E23 - We All Fall Down

In the series finale, the gang come together after a traumatic event..

S5E22 - We all fall down

Memorable scenes from past seasons, plus interviews with the cast an..

S5E21 - Scandal Royale

Naomi protects Jordan's sister from trouble with Royal; Silver recei..

S5E20 - You Can't Win 'Em..

Jordan is forced to end things with Naomi; Liam is upset that Annie ..

S5E19 - The Empire State ..

Navid and Liam ask Olly Murs to do a special performance in hope of ..

S5E18 - A Portrait of the..

Annie must come clean about her identity as Author X; Silver worries..

S5E17 - DudeWhere's My Hu..

Naomi is hired to plan events for an up-and-coming mogul's media emp..

S5E16 - Life's a Beach

Liam decides to open a surfboard shop, but things get complicated wh..

S5E15 - Strange Brew

Naomi plans to open a restaurant with Mark, and Dixon books Michaela..

S5E14 - Brother From Anot..

As Liam prepares to testify against Ashley, he experiences PTSD symp..

S5E13 - #realness

Feelings are rekindled when Max and Naomi co-host a charity football..

S5E12 - Here Comes Honey ..

Naomi and Max go to counseling to decide on the future of their marr..

S5E11 - We're Not Not in ..

Annie experiences an alternate reality in which she had stayed in Ka..

S5E10 - Misery Loves Comp..

Vanessa and Annie look for Liam after they learn the truth about Ash..

S5E9 - The Things We Do f..

Alec has a business proposal for Max; Naomi comes up with a plan to ..

S5E8 - 902-100

Silver surprises her friends by performing burlesque at Naomi's char..

S5E7 - 99 Problems

Adrianna considers coming clean about her affair with Taylor when sh..

S5E6 - The Con

Navid acts out in jealousy and arranges to have Lindsey and Liam's s..

S5E5 - Hate 2 Love

As Dixon continues to recuperate, Adrianna confides in Annie that s..

S5E4 - Into the Wild

Naomi plans a romantic getaway with Max, intending to disclose that ..

S5E3 - It's All Fun and G..

Silver prepares for motherhood but worries about how her life will c..

S5E2 - The Sea Change

Naomi plans a classy reception to reassure Max's investors that thei..

S5E1 - Til Death Do Us Part

In the Season 5 opener, Naomi and Max land in jail after plans go aw..

S4E24 - Forever Hold Your..

In the Season 4 finale, Naomi decides to move to New York for a job;..

S4E23 - A Tale of Two Par..

Naomi plots to sabotage Madison's bachelorette party, where Nick Car..

S4E22 - 'Tis Pity

Navid confronts Liam about his involvement with Silver; Annie and Ca..

S4E21 - Bride and Prejudice

Naomi and P.J. host a party to help ease Naomi's friends' worries ab..

S4E20 - Blue Ivy

PJ pops the question to Naomi, but Annie finds out that he may have ..

S4E19 - The Heart Will Go..

Dixon collapses during an argument with Adrianna, and the pair run i..

S4E18 - Blood Is Thicker ..

Naomi takes an interest in Annie's business partner, but Jen also ha..

S4E17 - Babes in Toyland

Jen visits Naomi with her son in tow; Vanessa sabotages Dixon's and ..

S4E16 - No Good Deed

Annie organizes a charity event; Naomi takes a big risk to secure an..

S4E15 - TrustTruth and Tr..

Dixon is arrested in connection with a sorority-house fire, and the ..

S4E14 - Mama Can You Hear..

Holly and Naomi are forced to work together in order to repair Holly..

S4E13 - Should Old Acquai..

Naomi, still reeling from her breakup with Austin, makes a faux pas ..

S4E12 - O Holly Night

Naomi receives an unwelcome assignment to oversee Holly's birthday p..

S4E11 - Project Runaway

Dixon faces temptation as he returns to making music; Annie has a ru..

S4E10 - Smoked Turkey

Dixon pursues a reluctant Adrianna; Ivy and Raj's conflicts begin to..

S4E9 - A Thousand Words

Video from Teddy's wedding leaks to the press, threatening his uncle..

S4E7 - It's the Great Mas..

Naomi plans a costume party with her nemesis Holly; Navid's plan for..

S4E6 - Benefit of the Doubt

Liam receives a modeling job offer from an agent; Annie develops fee..

S4E5 - Party Politics

Silver is asked to make campaign videos for political candidate Mari..

S4E4 - Let The Games Begin

Dixon feels the heat to produce a hit song after Navid sets up studi..

S4E3 - Greek Tragedy

After making an enemy in sorority president Holly, Naomi finds unusu..

S4E2 - Rush Hour

Naomi and Annie rush a popular sorority; Jeremy (Matt Cohen) has a s..

S4E1 - Up In Smoke

Naomi adjusts to her lower social status at college while also diges..

S3E22 - To the Future!

The gang prepare for graduation in the Season 3 finale, but Naomi ma..

S3E21 - The Prom Before t..

Dixon and Annie receive upsetting news about their futures; Adrianna..

S3E20 - Women on the Verge

Annie persuades Marla to attend the premiere of one of her old movie..

S3E19 - Nerdy Little Secr..

Naomi worries Max is cheating on her and confronts him at an academi..

S3E18 - The Enchanted Don..

The gang takes a vacation in Mexico; Teddy runs into a former crush;..

S3E17 - Blue Naomi

Navid and Dixon's partnership is formalized; Naomi hopes to impress ..

S3E16 - It's High Time

Emily interferes with Annie's love life and internship; Naomi hides ..

S3E15 - Revenge With the ..

Dixon and Navid persuade a producer to shoot a music video at Shiraz..

S3E14 - All About a Boy

Navid makes a discovery about Adrianna; Emily tries to sabotage Anni..

S3E13 - It's Getting Hot ..

Naomi, Adrianna, Silver and Annie go to a retreat for a girls' weeke..

S3E12 - Liars

Mr. Cannon holds Naomi hostage; Annie is annoyed by her cousin, Emil..

S3E11 - Holiday Madness

Everything goes well for Adrianna, until Victor decides to reveal he..

S3E10 - Best Lei'd Plans

Naomi tries to impress one of Ivy's surfer friends; Annie and Dixon ..

S3E9 - They're Playing He..

During a visit to a bar in West Hollywood, Teddy has to ask Ian for ..

S3E8 - Mother Dearest

Adrianna must attend a party with Joe Jonas instead of Navid; Dixon ..

S3E7 - I See LondonI See ..

Ryan prepares himself for the consequences after encouraging Naomi t..

S3E6 - How Much is That L..

Jen and Ryan find out about Naomi's rape; Victor arranges a photo sh..

S3E5 - Catch Me If You Ca..

Naomi, Silver and Adrianna come up with a plan to help prove that Mr..

S3E4 - The Bachelors

Silver enlists Navid, Dixon, Liam and Teddy to appear in a bachelor ..

S3E3 - 2021 Vision

Naomi tries to cope with constant flashbacks to her rape; Mr. Cannon..

S3E2 - Age of Inheritance

Naomi is able to access her trust fund and decides to throw herself ..

S3E1 - Senior YearBaby

In the season three premiere, Beverly Hills is rocked by an earthqua..

S2E22 - Confessions

Annie and Liam test out the waters with his new boat, where they sha..

S2E21 - Javianna

Adrianna's new romance with pop star Javier continues to blossom, wh..

S2E20 - Meet The Parents

Naomi and Jen are back to wreaking havoc in each others lives and ju..

S2E19 - Multiple Choices

As a result of falsely accusing her faculty adviser of sexual harass..

S2E18 - Another Another C..

Naomi’s little white lie has become the talk of the school, and wh..

S2E17 - Sweaty Palms and ..

Annie deals with the outcome of Jasper’s decision to jump from the..

S2E16 - Clark Raving Mad

Naomi immediately butts heads with the Blaze's new faculty advisor, ..

S2E15 - What's Past is Pr..

Gia encourages Adrianna to audition for a new band and admits she ha..

S2E14 - Girl Fight

Naomi goes on her first hike with Ivy and Liam; Annie gives Jasper a..

S2E13 - Rats & Heroes

Naomi returns from her vacation in St. Bart’s excited to spend tim..

S2E12 - Winter Wonderland

Annie questions Jasper about his involvement with drug dealing, but ..

S2E11 - And Away They Go!

Liam and Dixon plot to tell Naomi the truth about her sister at the ..

S2E10 - To Thine Own Self..

Annie leaves Debbie and Harry surprised when she informs them that s..

S2E9 - A Trip to the Moon

Jackie surprises Silver with a half-birthday celebration to make up ..

S2E8 - Women's Intuition

Navid and Gia launch an investigation into student drug use at West ..

S2E7 - Unmasked

It's Halloween and Adrianna channels Marilyn Monroe to help deal wit..

S2E6 - Wild Alaskan Salmon

Silver and Kelly deal with shocking news about their mother; Adriann..

S2E5 - Environmental Haza..

Naomi learns that her test scores may not be high enough for her to ..

S2E4 - The Porn King

Dixon and Sasha continue their whirlwind romance by driving to Napa ..

S2E3 - Sit DownYou're Roc..

Annie, humiliated by the mass sext message, sets out to prove that N..

S2E2 - To Sext or Not to ..

The rumor about the existence of a naked photo of Annie runs wild th..

S2E1 - To New Beginnings

After having spent most of their vacation time in summer school due ..

S1E24 - One Party Can Rui..

Adrianna and Navid are forced to make an impromptu exit from the pro..

S1E23 - Zero Tolerance

With prom night quickly approaching, Annie, Adrianna, Naomi, and Sil..

S1E22 - The Party's Over

Following their engagement, Navid and Adrianna celebrate their respe..

S1E21 - The Dionysian Deb..

Naomi's older sister, Jen, unexpectedly returns to Beverly Hills. Me..

S1E20 - Between a Sign an..

Donna faces an emotional dilemma when she must decide between return..

S1E19 - OkaeriDonna!

Silver and Kelly receive an unexpected visit from Donna. Meanwhile, ..

S1E18 - Off the Rails

Silver, distraught from all the recent video commotion, disappears. ..

S1E17 - Life's a Drag

Liam displays his dark side to Naomi, who is stunned but captivated ..

S1E16 - Of Heartbreaks an..

Adrianna's pregnancy now becomes the talk of the entire school as he..

S1E15 - Help MeRhonda

Naomi and Adrianna come up with a plan to break the pregnancy news t..

S1E14 - By Accident

Adrianna must cope with her decision about her baby and her baby's f..

S1E13 - Love Me or Leave Me

Electrifying revelations stir up trouble this week as the teens of W..

S1E12 - HelloGoodbyeAmen

Annie overhears as Sean holds a suspicious conversation over the pho..

S1E11 - That Which We Des..

Brenda and Kelly's friendship takes a turn for the worse. Meanwhile,..

S1E10 - Games People Play

Kelly returns to Beverly Hills, revealing what happened between her ..

S1E9 - Secrets and Lies

Silver invites a few of her female friends over for a girls' night, ..

S1E8 - There's No Place L..

After recuperating from her health scare, Adrianna returns and tries..

S1E7 - Hollywood Forever

As Silver's "half birthday" approaches, she decides to spend a spook..

S1E6 - Model Behavior

After Debbie lands the chance to shoot a fashion show for Nylon Maga..

S1E5 - Wide Awake and Dre..

As the opening night of the school musical approaches, Ty reveals to..

S1E4 - The Bubble

Annie, Harry, and Debbie are surprised to learn that West Beverly's ..

S1E3 - The Lucky Strike

Harry and Debbie plan a family bowling night, but find their plans i..

S1E1 & 2 - We're Not in K..

In part one of the series premiere, Harrison Wilson accepts the job ..