A woman with no memories of her past (Jane Doe), is found naked in Times Square with her body fully covered in intricate tattoos. Her discovery sets off a vast and complex mystery that immediately ignites the attention of the FBI, which begins to follow the road map of her tattoos into a larger conspiracy of crime, while bringing her closer to discovering the truth about her identity.

S2E22 - Lepers Repel

As the FBI copes with a tragedy, Weller finds himself at the center ..

S2E21 - Mom

The team finally cracks a member of Sandstorm, leading to a huge bre..

S2E20 - In WordsDrown I

Zapata's transgressions catch up to her, sending her to jail alongsi..

S2E19 - Regard a Mere Mad..

Jane and Weller go undercover on a high-stakes scavenger hunt run by..

S2E18 - Senile Lines

Under investigation by an old rival, the team struggles to defend it..

S2E17 - Solos

Jane and her new flame Oliver find themselves in a dangerous situati..

S2E16 - Evil Did I DwellL..

With Nas's help, Weller and Jane finally come face-to-face with Nas'..

S2E15 - Draw O CaesarEras..

After a set of tattoos produces multiple leads, the team divides int..

S2E13 - Name Not One Man

The team gets a major break in the Sandstorm case when they discover..

S2E12 - Devil Never Even ..

When an unusual tattoo leads back to Roman, the team must decide whe..

S2E11 - Droll AutumnUnmut..

After one of the world's most-wanted terrorists surfaces in New York..

S2E10 - Nor INigelAKA Leg..

Patterson is missing... and a newly amnesiac Roman is on the loose. ..

S2E9 - Why Let Cooler Pas..

After Jane discovers that Sandstorm is gearing up for an imminent at..

S2E8 - We Fight Deaths on..

When Weller and Jane go missing during an undercover operation, the ..

S2E7 - Resolves Eleven My..

Rich Dotcom returns to the FBI when he needs help with a pressing is..

S2E6 - Her Spy's Harmed

While Weller and Nas chase a fugitive whistleblower in Bulgaria, Jan..

S2E5 - Condone Untidiest ..

After a prominent politician is almost killed during a rally, Weller..

S2E4 - If Beth

Nas and Weller navigate their new dynamic as co-leaders during the t..

S2E3 - Hero Fears Imminen..

Weller and the team must race the clock to stop a series of escalati..

S2E2 - Heave Fiery Knot

The team races to stop a corrupt DEA agent from selling stinger miss..

S2E1 - In Night So Ransom..

After escaping from CIA custody, the team recaptures Jane and convin..

S1E23 - Why Await Life's ..

Weller searches for the truth within a heartbreaking and confounding..

S1E22 - If Love a RebelDe..

After an abandoned baby is found with a tattoo identical to one of J..

S1E21 - Of Whose Uneasy R..

The FBI is locked down when criminal hackers infiltrate the building..

S1E20 - Swift Hardhearted..

When a mysterious young girl with a tattoo connection falls into Bor..

S1E19 - In the Comet of Us

When a school shooting breaks out during the investigation of a tatt..

S1E18 - One Begets Techni..

An unlikely collaboration forms when Jane and Weller reach out to a ..

S1E17 - Mans Telepathic L..

After Patterson discovers a hidden message in the New York Times cro..

S1E16 - Any Wounded Thief

After an armored truck is robbed, the team discovers that the stolen..

S1E15 - Older Cutthroat C..

After a painting featuring one of Jane's tattoos is heisted from a g..

S1E14 - Rules in Defiance

An anonymous tip leads the team to investigate an urgent death row c..

S1E13 - Erase Weary Youth

The team must uncover a mole in the FBI while being scrutinized by a..

S1E12 - Scientists Hollow..

A veteran goes on a shooting rampage at a military base, leading the..

S1E11 - Cease Forcing Enemy

A discovery in the Black Sea is made thanks to one of Jane's tattoos..

S1E10 - Evil Handmade Ins..

When a group of sleeper spies becomes active, the team pursues them ..

S1E9 - Authentic Flirt

Jane and Weller go undercover as an assassin couple, an intimate ass..

S1E8 - Persecute Envoys

When Patterson deciphers a tattoo that seems to have predicted a pol..

S1E7 - Sent on Tour

The team goes to a remote location where they encounter a dangerous ..

S1E6 - Cede Your Soul

When the team discovers an app that allows criminals to track govern..

S1E5 - Split the Law

The CIA and FBI race against each other to nab the same criminal aft..


A hidden message on Jane's body reveals a plot that could result in ..


A jewel thief -- a member of an infamous crew -- with a tattoo ident..


The team unlocks a cryptic tattoo that points to Major Arthur Gibson..