Breaking Bad


Bryan Cranston (Malcolm in the Middle) stars in this drama focused on a mid-life crisis gone bad for an underachieving high school chemistry teacher who becomes a drug dealer after he discovers that he has lung cancer. With a new sense of fearlessness based on his medical prognosis, and a desire to gain financial security for his family, Walter White joins forces with an old student, Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul), in a quest that follows their entry into a dangerous world of drugs and crime. Breaking Bad is produced by High Bridge Productions, Inc. and Gran Via Productions in association with Sony Pictures Television for AMC Television. Filming takes place in New Mexico. Breaking Bad has won 7 major category Primetime Emmys. Most notably, Bryan Cranston has won for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama three times in a row from 2008 to 2010. Aaron Paul won for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama in 2010. The show has another 14 wins and 30 nominations.

S5E16 - Felina

The story concludes.

S5E15 - Granite State

A conclusion closes in from events set in motion long ago.

S5E14 - Ozymandias

Everyone tries to cope during vastly changed circumstances.

S5E13 - To'hajiilee

Things heat up for Walt.

S5E12 - Rabid Dog

An unusual strategy flourishes; potentially life-changing plans are ..

S5E11 - Confessions

Jesse wants to make a change; Walt and Skyler manage an unexpected d..

S5E10 - Buried

Skyler's past catches up with her; Walt works to cover his tracks; J..

S5E9 - Blood Money

Walt and Jessie adjust to a new kind of life; Hank struggles with a ..

S5E8 - Gliding Over All

Loose ends are tied up while Walt contemplates a dangerous move.

S5E7 - Say My Name

While Mike deals with the repercussions of his actions, Walt takes c..

S5E6 - Buyout

Occupational hazards affect Jesse as he, Walt and Mike deal with bus..

S5E5 - Dead Freight

Walt's team may be forced to cease operations unless they can score ..

S5E4 - Fifty-One

Walt celebrates another birthday; Skyler contemplates her options; a..

S5E3 - Hazard Pay

Walt and Jesse formulate a new business plan; Walt shares a secret w..

S5E2 - Madrigal

Walt and Jesse ponder a new business venture and consider an unlikel..

S5E1 - Live Free or Die

In the Season 5 premiere, Walt deals with the aftermath of the explo..

S4E13 - Face Off

The fourth season ends with Walt and Jesse squaring off against Gus...

S4E12 - End Times

Hank leans on Gomez to explore one final lead, as Walt scrambles to ..

S4E11 - Crawl Space

Walt moves to protect his secret and Gus; Skyler is stymied in her a..

S4E10 - Salud

The family becomes gravely concerned when Walt doesn't show up for h..

S4E9 - Bug

Mistakes from Skyler's past prove to be impactful to the present; Gu..

S4E8 - Hermanos

Skyler devises a plan to cure her money woes; Hank recruits Walt to ..

S4E7 - Problem Dog

A frustrated Walt takes on a risky gamble; Skyler encounters problem..

S4E6 - Cornered

A shocking discovery unsettles Skyler; Walter Jr. leans on his fathe..

S4E5 - Shotgun

Jesse's disappearance leaves Walt fearing the worst; Skyler has a su..

S4E4 - Bullet Points

The Cartel makes a power move; Skyler and Walt reveal something emba..

S4E3 - Open House

Goings-on at Jesse's place start to get out of control; Skyler reluc..

S4E2 - Thirty-Eight Snub

Walt attempts to form a new alliance; Skyler pushes towards a new bu..

S4E1 - Box Cutter

Walt and Jess face deadly consequences; Skyler deals with a puzzling..

S3E13 - Full Measure

With Jesse on the run, Walt negotiates a bargain with Gus to provide..

S3E12 - Half Measures

Jesse strikes out against advice; Walt takes drastic action to inter..

S3E11 - Abiquiu

Skyler gets involved with Walt's business while Hank struggles with ..

S3E10 - Fly

Walt, obsessed with a contaminant, refuses to cook; Jesse tries to g..

S3E9 - Kafkaesque

Skyler hatches a plan; Walt and Gus come to an understanding; Jesse ..

S3E8 - I See You

The family waits for news about Hank. While Jesse covers at the lab,..

S3E7 - One Minute

Hank's volatility forces a confrontation with Jesse; Skyler pressure..

S3E6 - Sunset

Walt settles into his new surroundings; Walt, Jr. wants answers abou..

S3E5 - Mas

Gus tries to lure Walt back into the business; Skyler doubts her new..

S3E4 - Green Light

Walt loses control endangering his job and relationships; Hank throw..

S3E3 - I.F.T.

Walt tries to bring his family back together; Jesse makes and unexpe..

S3E2 - Caballo Sin Nombre

Despite ever-increasing tension between Walt and Skyler, he pulls ou..

S3E1 - No Mas

Walt deals with the aftermath of the plane crash; Jesse comes to a r..

S2E13 - ABQ

Skyler's frustration with Walt's secrecy finally comes to a head. Je..

S2E12 - Phoenix

The Whites welcome a new addition. Jesse's addiction begins to get o..

S2E11 - Mandala

Saul proposes a new business partner. Jesse tells Jane what he does.

S2E10 - Over

A party for family and friends is thrown by the White’s to thank t..

S2E9 - 4 Days Out

Walt and his family wait for news after he undergoes a PET-CT scan. ..

S2E8 - Better Call Saul

Walt and Jesse seek advice from a shady attorney when Badger gets in..

S2E7 - Negro Y Azul

Jesse and Walt discuss expanding into new territories. Skyler pursue..

S2E6 - Peekaboo

Walt's secret is in jeopardy when Skyler thanks Gretchen for paying ..

S2E5 - Breakage

Hank suffers from the aftermath of his encounter with Tuco. Meanwhil..

S2E4 - Down

Walt attempts to reconnect with his family, while Jesse struggles to..

S2E3 - Bit by a Dead Bee

Walt and Jesse's become short on cash when they try to cover their t..

S2E2 - Grilled

Walt and Jesse are trapped with Tuco; Marie and Hank comfort Skyler ..

S2E1 - Seven Thirty-Seven

Walt (Bryan Cranston) and Jesse try to figure a way out of their par..

S1E7 - A No-Rough-Stuff T..

Walter accepts his new identity as a drug dealer after a PTA meeting..

S1E6 - Handful of Nothin'

Not making enough money, the partners have to find a new distributor..

S1E5 - Gray Matter

Walt and Skyler attend the birthday party of an affluent former coll..

S1E4 - Cancer Man

The DEA suspects there's a new drug kingpin operating in Albuquerque..

S1E3 - And the Bag's in t..

Walt and Jesse clean up last week's mess and Walt must face holding ..

S1E2 - Cat's In The Bag ...

Walt and Jesse attempt to tie up loose ends. The desperate situation..

S1E1 - Pilot

A high school chemistry teacher resorts to selling drugs in order to..