Gilligans Island


Seven men and women are stranded on an uncharted island following a torrential storm.

S3E30 - Gilliganthe Goddess

King Killiwani and two other natives come to the island looking for ..

S3E29 - Bang! Bang! Bang!

A crate that washes ashore contains a top secret plastic explosive d..

S3E28 - The Pigeon

The Professor sees the arrival of a homing pigeon on the island as a..

S3E27 - It's a BirdIt's a..

A U.S. Air Force jetpack washes ashore in the lagoon. After close in..

S3E26 - Slave Girl

After Gilligan saves a beautiful native girl from drowning, she vows..

S3E25 - The Secret Of Gil..

Gilligan discovers some ancient stone tablets that the Professor thi..

S3E24 - The Second Ginger..

Mary Ann falls backwards while watching Ginger perform on stage, and..

S3E23 - High Man on the T..

Gilligan and the Skipper find an ancient Kupaki totem pole which is ..

S3E22 - Splashdown

The Professor determines that a manned space craft will pass over th..

S3E21 - Gilligan's Person..

Lightning strikes Gilligan during Skipper and Gilligan's bowling tou..

S3E20 - Our Vines Have Te..

An loin-cloth clad ape-man (Tongo) comes to the island, and makes of..

S3E19 - Lovey's Secret Ad..

Mrs. Howell starts receiving mysterious love notes, and the source r..

S3E18 - The Hunter

Famous big-game hunter Jonathan Kincaid and his assistant, Ramoo lan..

S3E17 - Court-Martial

The Castaways hear on the radio that the Maritime Board of Inquiry h..

S3E16 - Take a Dare

George Barkley enters the "" Contest"". He will receive $10,000 if h..

S3E15 - Gilligan Goes Gun..

Gilligan is made a deputy sheriff, and begins to take his job too se..

S3E14 - All About Eva

A drab, plain-jane woman lands on the island seeking privacy. The gi..

S3E13 - And Then There We..

One by one, all of the Castaways mysteriously disappear. Gilligan th..

S3E12 - The Kidnapper

Someone kidnaps Mrs. Howell, Mary Ann, and Ginger, and then demands ..

S3E11 - The Invasion

While fishing, Gilligan and the Skipper reel in a briefcase, stamped..

S3E10 - Topsy-Turvy

Gilligan bumps his head and suddenly sees everything upside down. Th..

S3E9 - Ring Around Gilligan

A mad scientist lands on the island, and makes the castaways work fo..

S3E8 - Hair TodayGone Tom..

Gilligan wakes up with white hair, and thinks he overhears the Profe..

S3E7 - Man With a Net

Lord Beasley Waterford, a famous butterfly collector, lands on the i..

S3E6 - Where There's a Will

Mr. Howell revises his will, and leaves a large chunk of his estate ..

S3E5 - Voodoo

A witch doctor makes voodoo dolls from the Castaways' personal objec..

S3E4 - The Producer

Famous Hollywood director Herald Hecuba lands on the island during h..

S3E3 - Pass the Vegetable..

Gilligan finds a crate of radioactive vegetable seeds. The plants gr..

S3E2 - Gilligan Vs. Gilli..

Gilligan meets his double, a foreign spy who has undergone plastic s..

S3E1 - Up at Bat

Gilligan is bitten by a bat, and then dreams that he has turned into..

S2E32 - Meet the Meteor

A huge meteor lands on the island, causing everything nearby to age ..

S2E31 - Mr. and Mrs.???

A radio bulletin states that the minister who married Thurston and L..

S2E30 - V For Vitamins

The Professor determines that the lack of vitamin C on the island th..

S2E29 - The Friendly Phys..

A mad scientist lands on the island and takes the Castaways to his c..

S2E28 - Allergy Time

The Skipper begins to itch and sneeze whenever he is around Gilligan..

S2E27 - Gilligan's Island..

A ghost appears on the island and tries to scare the Castaways off. ..

S2E26 - Will the Real Mr...

The radio reports that Mr. Howell has been rescued and is spending a..

S2E25 - Operation: Steam ..

Hot water spurting from beneath the island pleases the castaways as ..

S2E24 - Feed the Kitty

A cage containing a lion washes ashore in the lagoon. After Gilliga..

S2E23 - Ship Ahoax

The Castaways begin to suffer from 'island madness' due to the isola..

S2E22 - Forward March

The Castaways are frightened as the sounds of battle, including hand..

S2E21 - Gilligan's Living..

An experimental robot launched by the Air Force parachutes onto the ..

S2E20 - Love MeLove My Sk..

The Howell's plan a party, and Mr. Howell accidentally looses the Sk..

S2E19 - Seer Gilligan

Gilligan discovers an island bush that produces seeds which, when ea..

S2E18 - The Postman Cometh

The Castaways hear on the radio that Mary Ann's boyfriend in Kansas ..

S2E17 - You've Been Disco..

A storm washes up a Trans-continental telephone cable up into the la..

S2E16 - Not Guilty

A crate containing coconuts is wrapped in an old Honolulu newspaper ..

S2E15 - Erika Tiffany Smi..

Erika Tiffany Smith lands on the island looking for a place to start..

S2E14 - Mine Hero

While fishing, Gilligan pulls a WWII mine out of the lagoon. When t..

S2E13 - Gilligan Gets Bug..

Gilligan's thinks he is doomed after being bitten by a yellow and gr..

S2E12 - Don't Bug the Mos..

A popular American singing group, the Mosquitoes (Bingo, Bango, Bong..

S2E11 - The Chain of Comm..

The Skipper worries that something is going to happen to him, so he ..

S2E10 - Hi-Fi Gilligan

Gilligan's mouth becomes a radio after he is accidentally hit on the..

S2E9 - NyetNyet - Not Yet

Two Russian Cosmonauts land on the island in their space capsule. S..

S2E8 - Agonized Labor

Gilligan and the Skipper hear a radio broadcast telling of the colla..

S2E7 - Castaways Pictures..

The Castaways make a silent movie in the hopes that it will be disco..

S2E6 - Quick Before It Si..

The Professor thinks that the island is sinking, which causes the Ca..

S2E5 - The Sweepstakes

Gilligan has the winning ticket for a South American sweepstakes.

S2E4 - SmileYou're on Mar..

A NASA satellite with a TV camera, accidentally lands on the island ..

S2E3 - The Little Dictator

The exiled president of a revolution-torn country visits the island.

S2E2 - Beauty Is As Beaut..

Gilligan suggests a beauty contest to decide which of the three wome..

S2E1 - Gilligan's Mother-..

A native family from another island comes seeking a husband for thei..

S1E36 - My Fair Gilligan

A fall from a coconut tree gives Gilligan an inflated nose and a def..

S1E35 - GoodbyeOld Paint

After Gilligan saves Mrs. Howell's life, Mr. Howell decides to make ..

S1E34 - It's Magic

A famous painter who has renounced civilization, Dubov, visits the i..

S1E33 - Physical Fatness

The Castaways discover a trunk belonging to a magician. They use a ..

S1E32 - DiogenesWon't You..

Gilligan and the Skipper plan to join the Navy when they are rescued..

S1E31 - Forget Me Not

The Castaways discover that Gilligan has been keeping a secret diary..

S1E30 - Three to Get Ready

The Professor tries to cure the Skipper's amnesia by hypnotizing him..

S1E29 - They're Off and R..

The Skipper insists a stone found by Gilligan will grant the finder ..

S1E28 - New Neighbor Sam

Mr. Howell wins all of the Skipper's possessions betting on turtle r..

S1E27 - Music Hath Charm

The Castaways overhear the voices of gangsters discussing buried tre..

S1E26 - The Matchmaker

Mrs. Howell decides to form a symphony orchestra, to make up for the..

S1E25 - The Return of Wro..

Mrs. Howell decides to engineer a romance between Gilligan and Mary ..

S1E24 - How To Be a Hero

The castaways are revisited by 'Wrongway' Feldman.

S1E23 - Diamonds Are an A..

After Gilligan is unable to save Mary Ann from drowning in the lagoo..

S1E22 - Big Man on Little..

A gorilla is enchanted by Mrs. Howell's perfume and kidnaps her. Af..

S1E21 - St. Gilligan and ..

Handsome surfer Duke Williams rides a giant tsunami to the island. ..

S1E20 - Gilligan Meets Ju..

Angry because the men haven't kept their promise to build them priva..

S1E19 - X Marks the Spot

Gilligan discovers a jungle boy living on the island. He shows them..

S1E18 - Little IslandBig ..

In a test of a deadly new missile, called ""Operation Powder Keg,"" ..

S1E17 - Plant You NowDig ..

A well known crook tries to evade police after a heist and is droppe..

S1E16 - So SorryMy Island..

While working for Mr. Howell, Gilligan unearths a chest. The castaw..

S1E15 - WaterWater Everyw..

The Castaways are captured by a Japanese sailor who thinks that WWII..

S1E14 - Three Million Dol..

Talk about a painful irony: though surrounded by water, the Castaway..

S1E13 - Birds Gotta FlyFi..

Mr. Howell loses $3 million to Gilligan in a golfing contest. Mr. H..

S1E12 - Angel on the Island

During Christmas, the Castaways get homesick and remember the first ..

S1E11 - Waiting For Watubi

Mr. Howell decides to put on a play, staring Ginger, after she begin..

S1E10 - The Big Gold Strike

While digging, the Skipper uncovers a carved statue of a Tiki God. ..

S1E9 - Goodbye Island

Mr. Howell discovers a gold mine on the island. He then hires Gilli..

S1E8 - The Sound of Quack..

Gilligan discovers a special tree sap that can be used to make a goo..

S1E7 - President Gilligan

The Castaways are faced with running out of food, when a blight thre..

S1E6 - Wrongway Feldman

The castaways decide that they need someone to be the leader on the ..

S1E5 - Goodnight Sweet Sk..

When Gilligan finds an old airplane hidden in the jungle, the Castaw..

S1E4 - Voodoo Something T..

The castaways hear on the radio that a plane is going to be flying o..

S1E3 - Home Sweet Hut

The Skipper fears that the island is full of 'voodoo' when he thinks..

S1E2 - Two on a Raft

A hurricane is coming, so the Castaways must quickly build one large..

S1E1 - Marooned

The shipwrecked castaways awaken to find themselves marooned on an u..