Harry's Law


A group of misfit lawyers form an unconventional firm.

S2E22 - Onward and Upward

Harry's ex-husband is found dead in the Season 2 finale. As Harry ma..

S2E21 - The Whole Truth

A murder-rape trial goes nightmarishly off course when Harry, Adam a..

S2E20 - Class War

Harry reunites with Malcolm to defend a gang member who was wrongly ..

S2E19 - And the Band Play..

Harry, Adam and Phoebe represent an entire college marching band tha..

S2E18 - Breaking Points

Harry represents a defiant juror who broke away from jury duty in th..

S2E17 - The Contest

Harry enlists her legal team in a fashion fund-raiser as her battle ..

S2E16 - The Lying Game

A former client returns to seek millions in damages against the firm..

S2E15 - Search and Seize

Harry helps her neighbor, a teacher who is accused of being a sex of..

S2E14 - Les Horribles

Harry advocates for a school principal who's trying to expel a stude..

S2E13 - After the Lovin'

Season 2, Episode 13 - After the Lovin'

S2E12 - New Kidney on the..

Harry, Cassie and Adam represent a 21-year-old who is dying of kidne..

S2E11 - Purple Hearts

Harry, Oliver and Cassie defend a mother accused of euthanizing her ..

S2E10 - Purple Hearts

Harry, Oliver and Cassie defend a mother accused of euthanizing her ..

S2E9 - Head Games

Harry and Adam represent parents whose son died from a concussion du..

S2E8 - Insanity

Oliver and Cassie defend a teen who killed three students when he op..

S2E7 - American Girl

It's Harry vs. Langford, Ohio, when, while on a vacation, they impou..

S2E6 - The Rematch

Harry and Adam defend a former prosecutor accused of aiding and abet..

S2E5 - Bad to Worse

Harry represents a teacher (Jason Alexander) who claims he was fired..

S2E4 - Queen of Snark

Harry and Oliver defend a teen cyberbully whose blog prompted a clas..

S2E3 - Sins of the Father

The trial gets underway as Adam preps Eric's daughter for testimony,..

S2E2 - There Will Be Blood

Harry continues Eric's case after the charges against her are droppe..

S2E1 - Hosanna Roseanna

In the second-season opener, the team moves from the shoe store to a..

S1E12 - Last Dance

Josh (Paul McCrane) needs Harry's help after he has a mental breakdo..

S1E11 - With Friends Like..

Harry (Kathy Bates) defends an old colleague, Lou Drummond, who murd..

S1E10 - Send In The Clowns

Harry helps an old boyfriend with a case, but has difficulty believi..

S1E9 - The Fragile Beast

A man asks for Harry's help when his lover is locked in a basement b..

S1E8 - In the Ghetto

A teenager tends to the victim of a drive-by shooting but finds hims..

S1E7 - American Dreamers

Harry helps defend albinos seeking asylum from the dangers of albino..

S1E6 - Bangers in the House

Malcolm and Harry try to mediate a gang war; a man claims he was let..

S1E5 - A Day in the Life

When Harry discovers her client is guilty, she announces his guilt i..

S1E4 - Wheels of Justice

Harry worries about Malcolm's association with Tommy; Damien puts hi..

S1E3 - Innocent Man

After a tip from a priest, Harry helps defend an inmate serving a li..

S1E2 - Heat of Passion

Harry defends an impoverished, elderly woman who committed armed rob..

S1E1 - Pilot

Recently fired, a lawyer sets up her own practice in an abandoned sh..