Hart Of Dixie


New Yorker and new doctor Zoe Hart accepts an offer from a stranger, Dr. Harley Wilkes, to work in his medical practice in Bluebell, Alabama. She arrives to find he has died and left half the practice to her in his will.

S4E10 - Bluebell

In the Season 4 finale, Zoe makes a monumental decision, and Wade tr..

S4E9 - End of Days

Wade and Zoe have different opinions on marriage; George gets a pote..

S4E8 - 61 Candles

Zoe and Wade look for an heirloom to pass down to their child.

S4E7 - The Butterstick Tab

Zoe forces Wade to change his ways after seeing him flirting with so..

S4E6 - Alabama Boys

Zoe and Wade feel unprepared for parenthood; a surprise shakes Brick..

S4E5 - Bar-Be-Q Burritos

Wade tries to bring customers back to the Rammer Jammer by securing ..

S4E4 - Red Dye No. 40

Lavon organizes a talent show; Wade and Zoe wind up in a compromisin..

S4E3 - The Very Good Bagel

Zoe and Wade make progress with their renewed romance. Meanwhile, Le..

S4E2 - The Curling Iron

Confused by Zoe’s attempts to make amends, Wade seeks love advice ..

S4E1 - Kablang

Zoe (Rachel Bilson) is excited that Wade (Wilson Bethel) has decided..

S3E22 - Second Chance

In the third-season finale, Wade must make a hard choice about his f..

S3E21 - Stuck

Wade's father turns to Zoe for help with romance, but Wade cautions ..

S3E20 - Together Again

Wade blames Zoe for his relationship problems, so she avoids him and..

S3E19 - A Better Man

Zoe finds herself in an awkward position with Wade and Vivian; Georg..

S3E18 - Back in the Saddl..

Zoe and Lemon turn to each other for girlfriend advice; Wade takes V..

S3E17 - A Good Run of Bad..

Brick has a difficult patient who irks AnnaBeth, until she discovers..

S3E16 - Carrying Your Lov..

BlueBell gets a sister city in France. Meanwhile, Brick strives to w..

S3E15 - Ring of Fire

Joel hires unreliable workers to do renovations, and one gets hurts ..

S3E14 - Here You Come Again

Zoe looks forward to bonding with her mom when she becomes her mothe..


Joel throws a birthday party for Zoe, who's shocked when her mother ..


Zoe and Joel buy a fixer-upper, and Brick agrees to help them make i..

S3E11 - One More Last Cha..

Lavon asks the town for help getting BlueBell declared a historic to..

S3E10 - Star of the Show

Brick recruits Zoe to assist with the local cabaret. Meanwhile, Wade..

S3E9 - Something to Talk ..

Lavon wants to stop a merger involving BlueBell and another town, so..

S3E8 - Miracles

Zoe treats her uncle and decides to invite him to the Hanukkah celeb..

S3E7 - I Run to You

Zoe disapproves of the growing bond between Wade and Joel, who's get..

S3E6 - Family Tradition

When Zoe and Joel look for a more permanent residence, they find a p..

S3E5 - How Do You Like Me..

Zoe tries to improve the town's perception of Joel; George is pleasa..

S3E4 - Help Me Make It Th..

Lemon's banned from the Junior League's Halloween party, so she seek..

S3E3 - Take This Job and ..

Zoe secretly practices medicine in BlueBell again, but then she lear..

S3E2 - Friends in Low Pla..

Lavon and AnnaBeth invite Zoe and Joel (Josh Cooke) to dinner; Lemon..

S3E1 - Who Says You Can't..

In the third-season opener, Zoe returns to Bluebell to obtain a stel..

S2E22 - On the Road Again

When Zoe decides to take a trip to New York, she is faced with a med..

S2E21 - I'm Moving On

Max and Rose play matchmaker for Zoe; Wade and Lemon consider giving..

S2E20 - If Tomorrow Never..

Jonah spills a secret about Brick; Zoe decides to express her feelin..

S2E19 - The Kiss

The townsfolk perform scenes from Shakespeare, and George and Zoe re..

S2E18 - Why Don't We Get ..

Lavon launches a contest to generate buzz in BlueBell and attract sp..

S2E17 - We Are Never Ever..

Zoe grows very protective of Rose. Elsewhere, money goes missing dur..

S2E16 - Where I Lead Me

Zoe agrees to be Wanda's maid of honor, and one of her tasks involve..

S2E15 - The Gambler

Wade prepares for the Battle of the Bands contest and sets his eyes ..

S2E14 - Take Me HomeCount..

Tansy's dog goes missing while under George's care. Elsewhere, Wade ..

S2E13 - Lovesick Blues

A flu epidemic heads toward Bluebell, forcing Wade to stay at his ex..

S2E12 - Islands in the St..

George's parents are surprised when they meet George's girlfriend, T..

S2E11 - Old Alabama

Preoccupied with his personal life, Lavon lets his mayoral duties sl..

S2E10 - Blue Christmas

Zoe grows apprehensive about her mom visiting her for Christmas, so ..

S2E9 - Sparks Fly

Wade struggles with feeling like he’s a placeholder in Zoe’s lif..

S2E8 - Achy Breaky Hearts

Lavon and Ruby's romance proves problematic for Zoe and Lemon, who t..

S2E6 - I Walk the Line

Lemon gets creative as she tries to swing votes in the mayoral elect..

S2E5 - Walkin? After Midn..

With Halloween right around the corner, Zoe begins to notice some od..

S2E4 - Suspicious Minds

While Zoe tries to keep things casual with Wade, she becomes jealous..

S2E3 - If It Makes You Ha..

When Zoe reads about her fellow classmates? accomplishments in her A..

S2E2 - Always on My Mind

Zoe attempts to keep her distance from Wade, but she's forced to ask..

S2E1 - I Fall to Pieces

In the second-season opener, Zoe feels torn between George and Wade...

S1E22 - The Big Day

In the first-season finale, a huge storm hits town on George and Lem..

S1E21 - Disaster Drills &..

Zoe feels guilty for not realizing her friend was ill. Meanwhile, La..

S1E20 - The Race & the Re..

A desperate Wade asks Zoe to be his teammate for the Bluebell Battle..

S1E19 - Destiny & Denial

Wade awakens from a wild night and can't recall what happened. Meanw..

S1E18 - Bachelorettes & B..

Zoe agrees to go on a lunch date with a patient. Elsewhere, Lemon di..

S1E17 - Heart to Hart

Zoe's dad arrives in Bluebell to operate on George's father. Meanwhi..

S1E16 - Tributes & Triang..

George is named the town's Man of the Year, and Zoe volunteers to he..

S1E15 - Snowflakes & Soul..

A rare snowfall in Bluebell delights Zoe, but her fellow citizens vi..

S1E14 - Aliens & Aliases

Wade has Lemon masquerade as Joelle to pull something over on Joelle..

S1E13 - Sweetie Pies & Sw..

Zoe avoids going to the Sweetie Pie Dance with Judson by having a gi..

S1E12 - Mistress & Misund..

Zoe tries to hide her burgeoning friendship with AnnaBeth from Lemon..

S1E11 - Hell's Belles

Lemon tries to prevent Zoe from joining a historic society. Elsewher..

S1E10 - Hairdos & Holidays

Zoe encourages Rose to enter the annual Miss Cinnamon Cider Pageant ..

S1E9 - The Pirate and the..

Bluebell prepares for "Planksgiving," while Zoe hopes to return to N..

S1E8 - Homecoming and Com..

Zoe hosts a pre-game homecoming party at Lavon's request, and she ge..

S1E7 - The Crush and the ..

Zoe is asked out on a date by a local veterinarian; there's an openi..

S1E6 - The Undead & The U..

Zoe hits a man while driving, only to find that he's vanished, and t..

S1E5 - Faith and Infidelity

Zoe exposes a scandal when she discovers a secret involving a local ..

S1E4 - In Havoc and In Heat

A heat wave hits Bluebell, and Zoe learns that it lowers inhibitions..

S1E3 - Gumbo & Glory

Zoe is determined to win Bluebell?s gumbo contest and prove to every..

S1E2 - Parades and Pariahs

Zoe rides on a float with Mayor Hayes during the Founder's Day Parad..

S1E1 - Pilot

Young New York doctor Zoe Hart's rapid pace to become a cardiothorac..