Judging Amy


A family drama focused on three generations of women living together in Hartford, Connecticut. Amy Brenneman plays Amy Gray, who left New York City behind and now works as a family court ...

S6E22 - My Name is Amy Gr..

Maxine tries to make amends with Ignacio, but Ignacio shrugs her adv..

S6E21 - Getting Out

Sean and Maxine take drastic steps to stop a foster family from losi..

S6E20 - Too LittleToo Late

Maxine is hot on the trail of a college professor accused of abusing..

S6E19 - Revolutions Per M..

Lauren makes an announcement to the family, regarding her eating. Am..

S6E18 - Sorry I Missed You

Amy oversees a case involving a 5-year-old girl who is at the center..

S6E17 - The New Normal

A 15-year-old girl, who Maxine previously placed in a foster home, t..

S6E16 - The Paper War

While attending a bench and bar dinner, Amy gets into a heated argum..

S6E15 - Hard To Get

Several weeks have passed since Amy's miscarriage, but things are no..

S6E14 - Happy Borthday

Amy finds it rather difficult to follow her mom's advice and embrace..

S6E13 - Dream a Little Dr..

Amy oversees an emotional case involving a 13-year-old boy with a hi..

S6E12 - You Don't Kno..

Unaware that he is hiding his true feelings and pretending to be hap..

S6E11 - 10,000 Steps

When Amy tells Lauren about being pregnant, her reaction is not exac..

S6E10 - The Long Run

Amy learns that she is pregnant with David's baby after taking a hom..

S6E9 - Silent Era

High-school student Graciela Reyes is brought to Amy's courtroom for..

S6E8 - Conditional Surren..

Maxine resists Gillian's home grown cardiac rehabilitation program; ..

S6E7 - Early Winter

Frantic with worry, the Gray siblings quarrel like two year olds, an..

S6E6 - Catching It Early

Back at work from her suspension, Maxine is becoming unhinged as she..

S6E5 - Order and Chaos

Maxine teeters on the brink of collapse as she refuses to move out o..

S6E4 - Consent

Amy has difficulty dealing with Lauren's need for privacy; blinded b..

S6E3 - Legacy

After Vincent asks his brother to lend him the money he needs to pay..

S6E2 - Lullaby

Vincent's struggles with his latest novel leads him into blowing off..

S6E1 - Accountability

With all three of her children living once again under the same roof..

S5E23 - SexLies and Exped..

Unwilling to let a poor client go to extremes to get prompt medical ..

S5E22 - My Little Runaway

Despite David's protests, Amy puts an end to their romantic relation..

S5E21 - Predictive Neglect

Amy is dismayed when the courthouse cleaning lady tries to fix her u..

S5E19 - The Quick and the..

David struggles over the memories of his wife's death as Amy preside..

S5E15 - Werewolves of Har..

Donna gets a little too invested in the future of Amy's relationship..

S5E14 - Roadhouse Blues

Despite their protests, Maxine and Amy fail to convince anyone that ..

S5E12 - Dancing in the Dark

Maxine takes a chance in placing a young boy about to be released fr..

S5E10 - Sex and the Singl..

Amy presides over the custody case of a young boy whose mother think..

S5E9 - Rumspringa

Maxine confronts the D.C.F. commissioner over his budget cuts when s..

S5E8 - The Long Goodbye

Back in Hartford after a few days in Maui to collect herself, Amy is..

S5E7 - Kilt Trip

Forced to substitute for an ailing colleague just two days before he..

S5E4 - Tricks of the Trade

Amy presides over the case of a prominent athletic star accused of r..

S5E3 - Ex Parte of Five

Maxine criticizes Amy's ruling that an emotionally-fragile girl is c..

S5E2 - Going Down

After she's released from the hospital with a clean bill of health, ..

S4E23 - MarryMarry Quite ..

Amy must decide if it's in a teenager's best interest to get married..

S4E22 - CSO: Hartford

On "Take Your Daughter to Work Day", Lauren learns how lucky she is ..

S4E18 - Looking For Quart..

Maxine unwittingly provides Amy with the information she needs to de..

S4E17 - Judging Eric

Amy, Bruce, Lauren, Sean and Maxine rally around Eric as he goes on ..

S4E15 - MaxineInterrupted

Maxine's reunion with Sally Godwin, her college classmate and former..

S4E14 - Wild Card

Maxine and Sean battle a sleazy attorney with a penchant for blackma..

S4E13 - The Best Interest..

Amy and Michael face off in court, and the resolution of their custo..

S4E12 - Ye Olde Freedom Inn

After Amy accidently sets on fire the homework that Lauren has spent..

S4E11 - Lost and Found

Maxine incurs the wrath of the mothers in Lauren's carpool; Amy fear..

S4E10 - People of the Lie

Amy must decide if a little girl in the middle of a bitter custody d..

S4E9 - Boys to Men

Maxine and Jared move up their wedding date, to the consternation of..

S4E8 - A Pretty Good Day

Amy's ruling in the case of a teenager who called in a bomb scare to..

S4E7 - Damage Control

Amy hears the case of a young boy charged with obstruction of justic..

S4E2 - Thursday's Child

Amy's discovers that the man the police have in custody may not be h..

S4E1 - Lost in the System

Amy and Michael agree to work out Lauren's custody with a mediator; ..

S3E24 - Come Back Soon

Although Amy tries to make the best of it, she and Lauren are still ..

S3E23 - Nobody Expects th..

Amy, Maxine and Lauren have trouble adjusting to their new living ar..

S3E21 - Tidal Wave

Maxine works more tirelessly than ever on the Pamela Taylor investig..

S3E20 - The Bottle Show

Maxine is saddened when Jared fails to call her upon his return from..

S3E19 - Men Aren't Monsters

The Gray house is completely ransacked by vandals who appear to have..

S3E18 - The Justice Leagu..

When a teenager whom neither parent wanted and Amy placed in a locke..

S3E17 - Not StumblingBut ..

Amy's suspicion that a little "pretty girl voodoo" is behind the cas..

S3E16 - Woman in Cacti Wi..

Amy presides over a sad custody dispute in which neither parent want..

S3E15 - Can They Do That ..

Maxine reluctantly allows Eric to stay at her house when she's unabl..

S3E14 - The Extinction of..

Barry invites Amy to a business dinner, where her outspokenness almo..

S3E13 - The Cook of the M..

Amy hears the case of a disturbed teenager who successfully imperson..

S3E12 - Who Shot Dick?

After her brother Richard arrives in town looking for his son, Maxin..

S3E11 - Crime and Puzzlem..

At the request of Vincent's editor, Amy picks up where her brother l..

S3E10 - Beating the Bounds

Lauren asks if "cheating" was the reason her parents divorced; Bruce..

S3E9 - Surprised by Gravity

Amy feels responsible when three teenagers she sentenced to communit..

S3E8 - Rights of Passage

Donna stumbles as she subs for Bruce as Amy's C.S.O. while he attemp..

S3E7 - Imbroglio

Amy asks Bruce to set her up with his friend, but it doesn't go quit..

S3E6 - The Unbearable Lig..

Amy must decide whether to modify a custody agreement and allow a wo..

S3E5 - Look Closer

Amy hears the case of two teenagers accused of causing the suicide o..

S3E4 - The Right Thing To..

Amy must rule on the fate of conjoined twins; Jared proposes to Maxi..

S3E3 - Darkness For Light

Amy must decide the appropriate punishments for a high school gang l..

S3E1 - The Last Word

After pleas from Maxine and Peter, Amy takes the first step in mendi..

S2E22 - Hold on Tight

Maxine reunites a couple with their kidnapped baby; Vincent is upset..

S2E21 - Redheaded Stepchild

The Sanctuary House staff works together to determine the identity o..

S2E20 - Grounded

Felled by the flu, Amy collapses in court, but not before presiding ..

S2E19 - Between the Wanti..

Jonathan Ashworth joins the Sanctuary House team and manages to ruff..

S2E18 - The Unforgiven

Maxine contemplates ending her relationship with Jared after meeting..

S2E17 - Romeo and Juliet ..

Amy hears a manslaughter case involving a 15-year-old boy who's into..

S2E16 - Everybody Falls D..

Amy must decide whether to terminate the parental rights of a couple..

S2E15 - The Treachery of ..

Representing the governor, Stuart Collins offers Amy a chance to app..

S2E14 - One For the Road

Peter and Gillian lose custody of Ned to Evie; Peter tries to drown ..

S2E13 - The Beginningthe ..

As Peter and Gillian prepare for Ned's christening, Evie returns to ..

S2E12 - 1/2 Narrow

Amy finds herself fending off Nick's advances and agonizes over whet..

S2E11 - The Claw is Our M..

Amy finds herself in the middle of a love triangle when she consider..

S2E10 - Adoption Day

Evie walks back into Ned's life just as Peter and Gillian are set to..

S2E9 - The Undertow

Amy gets to know Rob, Lauren's very attractive sensei, better when h..

S2E8 - Waterworld

When Donna's birthing center burns down the night before she goes in..

S2E7 - Dog Days

Amy must decide whether to remove an eleven year old girl from the c..

S2E6 - The Burden of Pers..

Amy is as shocked as Lauren is pleased to learn of Michael and Leish..

S2E5 - Unnecessary Roughn..

Amy seeks to have Lauren qualified as a "gifted" student; Maxine agr..

S2E4 - Convictions

Amy contends with a high profile attorney who attempts to bully her ..

S2E3 - Instincts

Vincent returns to work; Gillian nervously agrees to allow Donna to ..

S2E2 - You're Not the Bos..

Maxine goes overboard in mothering Vincent after he's released from ..

S2E1 - Zero Tolerance

As the Gray family tries to cope with the aftermath of the explosion..

S1E23 - Blast From the Past

Vincent is injured in an explosion when he attempts to dissuade an o..

S1E22 - Not With a Whimper

After going on the date from hell with a Yale professor, Amy has one..

S1E21 - Gray vs. Gray

Maxine gets a new supervisor at D.C.F.; Donna becomes stressed when ..

S1E20 - The God Thing

Amy decides the fate of two teenagers arrested for possession of a d..

S1E19 - The Out-of-Towners

Heeding the request of counsel to deliver one of her ""rants"" at a ..

S1E18 - Human Touch

Amy presides over a custody case between a young girl's stepfather a..

S1E17 - Drawing the Line

Amy must decide if a brain-injured woman is fit to be a mother; Maxi..

S1E16 - The Wee Hours

Amy gears up for the custody battle over Lauren; Vincent takes a job..

S1E15 - Culture Clash

Amy is assigned to a Judicial Conduct Commission panel which will de..

S1E14 - ShakenNot Stirred

Amy must decide if a young boy accused of shaking his infant sister ..

S1E13 - Zero to Sixty

Michael's insistence upon joint custody of Lauren after Amy requests..

S1E12 - Spoil the Child

Amy threatens to remove a young boy from the custody of a father who..

S1E11 - Presumed Innocent

Amy takes it personally when Stuart appeals her decision to overturn..

S1E10 - Crowded House

Amy hears the case of an extremely abused, mentally ill teenager who..

S1E9 - The Persistence of..

Amy juggles preparing Thanksgiving dinner, being on call, and coping..

S1E8 - Near Death Experie..

Amy presides over the sentencing hearing of an emotionally immature ..


No description

S1E6 - Witch Hunt

A woman fights for custody of her son after the boy's father claims ..


No description

S1E4 - Victim Soul

Amy must determine if a comatose boy who is believed to have healing..

S1E3 - Trial By Jury

Sitting in for a friend who's undergoing chemotherapy, Amy presides ..

S1E2 - Short Calendar

Short calendar day drops 54 cases on Amy's docket, and the long day ..

S1E1 - Pilot

Amy Gray, an attorney, has found herself a single mother after a rec..