Masters of Sex


1956: Dr. Charles Alfred Kinsey, Kinsey Institute at Indiana University, dies. Fertility surgeon and specialist, Dr. William Howell Masters, also fascinated with the science surrounding human sexuality, meets future research partner, Virginia Ellis Johnson, at Washington University in Missouri.

S4E10 - The Eyes of God

Masters and Johnson work to save the practice from disintegrating in..

S4E9 - Night and Day

Masters and Johnson return from Topeka, each grappling with the trip..

S4E8 - Topeka

Masters and Johnson go on the road and pose as a couple to investiga..

S4E7 - In To Me You See

Masters looks to groom Art as his protege in a new area of research ..

S4E6 - Family Only

Johnson looks to get her relationship with Masters back on track whi..

S4E5 - Outliers

Johnson and Masters' troubles come to a head as the trial begins wit..

S4E4 - Coats or Keys

Johnson, Masters, Libby and Keller wind up together at a party throw..

S4E3 - The Pleasure Proto..

Masters and Johnson adjust to new partners, but their respective cas..

S4E2 - Inventory

Masters and Johnson turn to new partners in an effort to put the pas..

S4E1 - Freefall

In the wake of their fallout, Masters and Johnson search for purpose..

S3E12 - Full Ten Court

Masters and Johnson's life work is jeopardized.


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S3E10 - Through a GlassDa..

Johnson objects to Masters' program, due to missteps in protocol.

S3E9 - High Anxiety

Masters continues his surrogacy program, which is now under Johnson'..

S3E8 - Surrogates

Virginia goes away with Dan Logan; Masters begins the surrogacy prog..

S3E7 - Monkey Business

When they take on a new patient, Masters and Johnson are interviewed.

S3E6 - Masters of SexTwo ..

Masters and Johnson help a famous couple that hopes to revitalize th..

S3E5 - Matters of Gravity

Johnson's parents visit and insert themselves in the Johnson women's..

S3E4 - Undue Influence

Masters tries to convince Johnson to rededicate herself to the study..

S3E3 - The Excitement of ..

Masters and Johnson try to capitalize on their growing fame.

S3E2 - Three's a Crowd

Masters takes on a high-profile patient; Virginia and Libby come to ..

E1 – “Parliament of O..

Masters and Johnson get ready to publish the results of their study...

S2E12 - The Revolution Wi..

Season 2 ends with Masters and Johnson passing the results of their ..

S2E11 - One for the Money..

A television crew arrives to document Masters and Johnson's work.

S2E10 - Below the Belt

Johnson tries to find a cure for Masters' sexual difficulties; Maste..

S2E9 - Story of My Life

Masters bristles at Frank's insinuations about his and Estabrooks' d..

S2E8 - MirrorMirror

Masters privately treats a couple for infertility; Johnson gets in o..

S2E7 - Asterion

Masters becomes impotent without Johnson's knowledge, after learning..

S2E6 - Blackbird

Hendricks bans Masters from using black participants in his study, b..

S2E5 - Giants

Masters breaks new ground by continuing his study as the only white ..

S2E4 - Dirty Jobs

Johnson tries to cover when she and Masters are seen by Langham leav..

S2E3 - Fight

Virginia learns about Masters' troubled childhood when they meet at ..

S2E2 - Kyrie Eleison

Masters begins a new job at Memorial Hospital under Betty's extortio..

S2E1 - Parallax

Season 2 begins with Masters dealing with the ramifications of his d..

S1E12 - Manhigh

Season 1 ends with Masters making a hospital-wide presentation of hi..

S1E11 - Phallic Victories

Masters accepts Libby's offer of help; Johnson and Dr. DePaul attend..

S1E10 - Fallout

The hospital takes part in a civil defense drill; a former participa..

S1E9 - Involuntary

Masters and Johnson must convince Lester and Jane that the footage w..

S1E8 - Love and Marriage

Masters and Johnson decide to film the study; Johnson works on her c..

S1E7 - All Together Now

Masters and Johnson participate in the study; Libby pressures Dr. Ha..

S1E6 - Brave New World

Libby and Masters rest in Miami; Virginia and Jane try to debunk Fre..

S1E5 - Catherine

Masters and Johnson include couples in the study; Johnson tries to c..

S1E4 - Thank You for Coming

Masters and Johnson recruit new participants; Johnson's ex-husband w..

S1E3 - Standard Deviation

When research at the brothel creates inaccurate data, Masters resolv..


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