South of Nowhere


A family moves from Ohio to Los Angeles, where they find themselves unprepared for the city's fast pace, and the overcrowded public school that their three teenagers will attend.

S3E16 - On The Precipice

Everyone must decide on their plans for the future, including Spence..

S3E15 - Taking Seconds

Spencer and Chelsea both share some news.

S3E14 - PastPresent and F..

Spencer must make decisions about college and her future with Ashley.

S3E13 - Better Late Than ..

Glen finally finds love, but Chelsea has a hard time accepting the n..

S3E12 - Love and Kisses

Aiden tries to make Valentine's Day perfect for his new girlfriend, ..

S3E11 - A Very Inconviene..

Ashley feels like she is being pushed aside by Spencer...

S3E10 - Spencer's 18th Bi..

It's and her Grandmother has come to visit. Spencer comes clean to ..

S3E9 - Career Day

"Spashley" is back, and this time Ashley's the one looking for commi..

S3E8 - Gay Pride

Spencer goes to Pride and she wants someone to come and show pride w..

S3E7 - Saturday Night is ..

Jake's working hard to make Kyla the new It girl, but when she finds..

S3E6 - Fame is Where You ..

Spencer and Carmen's relationship is done, just as Aiden and Madison..

S3E5 - Fighting Crime

Spencer has moved on with a relationship with Carmen, but Ashley wan..

S3E4 - Spencer's New Girl..

Spencer becomes closer to Carmen. Ashley and Aiden's relationship su..

S3E3 - The It Girls

A documentary about the prom shooting airs.
Spencer & Ashley ..

S3E1 - Though I Walk Thro..

Moments after the drive-by shooting at the King High prom, ambulance..

S2E13 - Trouble In Paradise

Aiden has trouble coming to terms with his feelings for Ashley. Espe..

S2E12 - Too Many GirlsNot..

Aiden's under pressure from Madison, Kyla, Ashley and Spencer over f..

S2E11 - LoveChildand Vide..

Aiden's under pressure from Madison, Kyla, Ashley and Spencer over f..

S2E10 - Love and War and ..

As happy as Spencer and Ashley are together, Spence suspects that As..

S2E9 - Objects May Be Clo..

As the Carlin family try to reconnect they try out Paint ball in an ..

S2E8 - That's the Way the..

Spencer & Ashley won't let Paula keep them apart. So they're out on ..

S2E7 - Come OutCome Out W..

Mrs. Carlin walks in on Ashley and Spencer making out, and completel..

S2E6 - That Is So Not Mom

Arthur and Paula are out for the weekend, so Glen thinks it's the pe..

S2E5 - Rules of Engagement

Clay's life is ripped in two by his past and his future.

S2E4 - Guess Who's Coming..

Spencer gets caught in the middle of homosexuality intolerance at sc..

S2E3 - Behind the Music

Spencer's mom sets her up on a date, and Ashley is not happy that Sp..

S2E1& 2 - The Morning After

Spencer wakes up with Ashley and they talk about what happened the n..

S1E10 - what just happen

Lifes changing and the carlin will never be the same again!

S1E9 - ShakeRattle & Roll

Spencer accepts a date with Aiden, which ends up confusing her even ..

S1E8 - Under My Skin

Ashley and Madison have another clash in the girl’s locker ro..

S1E7 - Friends With Benef..

Ashley makes a new friend named Josie, only to learn that Spencer do..

S1E6 - Girl's Guide to Da..

Spencer and Ashley have a friendly competition for Aiden’s af..

S1E5 - First Time

Spencer and Ashley sneak out of the school while its under lockdown...

S1E4 - Put Out or Get Out

Ashley makes a video involving revelations of people's first time ha..

S1E3 - FriendsLoversBroth..

Ashley is not too impressed with Spencer's new gal pal. Meanwhile, C..

S1E2 - Friends

Ashley is shocked to learn that her rock star father is back in town..

S1E1 - Secret Truths (Pil..

After their mother gets a new job, the Carlin family moves from smal..