Star Trek: Enterprise


A prequel series, set 100 years before the original Star Trek series, which focuses on the early years of Starfleet, leading up to the formation of the Federation and the Earth-Romulan Wars. The series is set aboard the Earth ship Enterprise NX-01, captained by Jonathan Archer.

S4E22 - These are the Voy..

Six years in the future, an emotional Captain Archer and the crew re..

S4E21 - Terra Prime

A human isolationist leader threatens to destroy Starfleet Command u..

S4E20 - Demons

A xenophobic faction of humanity threatens to undermine talks to for..

S4E19 - In a MirrorDarkly..

In the mirror universe, Archer commandeers the 23rd-century Defiant ..

S4E18 - In a MirrorDarkly..

In the mirror universe, Commander Archer mutinies against Captain Fo..

S4E17 - Bound

As a gift for negotiating with the Orion Syndicate, Captain Archer r..

S4E16 - Divergence

With Columbia's help, the Enterprise crew grapples with sabotage to ..

S4E15 - Affliction

While Enterprise visits Earth for the launch of Columbia, Phlox is k..

S4E14 - The Aenar

Archer visits Shran's icy homeworld to find an Andorian subspecies c..

S4E13 - United

Archer tries to unify the Andorians, Tellarites and Vulcans in a pla..

S4E12 - Babel One

Enterprise journeys to Babel with a Tellarite ambassador on board fo..

S4E11 - Observer Effect

Noncorporeal aliens study the Enterprise crew as they respond to a f..

S4E10 - Daedalus

The inventor of the transporter, Emory Erickson, comes aboard Enterp..

S4E9 - Kir'Shara

Archer, T'Pol and T'Pau attempt to bring the — an artifact b..

S4E8 - Awakening

Archer and T'Pol encounter the Syrrannites, a radical group hiding i..

S4E7 - The Forge

Earth's embassy on Vulcan is bombed, and the ensuing investigation p..

S4E6 - The Augments

In defiance of their "father," Arik Soong's Augments devise a heinou..

S4E5 - Cold Station 12

Arik Soong leads his band of Augments to a medical facility where hu..

S4E4 - Borderland

When genetic supermen left over from the Eugenics Wars hijack a Klin..

S4E3 - Home

Once the NX-01 finally returns to Earth, the weary crewmen face repe..

S4E2 - Storm Front Part 2

With Silik's help, Archer searches for the temporal operative who al..

S4E1 - Storm Front Part 1

Archer and the NX-01 find themselves in Earth's past, with events of..

S3E24 - Zero Hour

Archer puts his life on the line in a risky gambit to intercept the ..

S3E23 - Countdown

With help from Xindi allies, the Enterprise crew attempts to stop th..

S3E22 - The Council

Archer and Hoshi stand before the Xindi Council as T'Pol and Reed le..

S3E21 - E2

An attempt to use a Xindi subspace corridor leads the Enterprise cre..

S3E20 - The Forgotten

Two high-ranking Xindi offer to stop the launch of their superweapon..

S3E19 - Damage

While dissension among Xindi ranks festers, Enterprise tries to reco..

S3E18 - Azati Prime

Archer sets out on a suicide mission to destroy the Xindi superweapo..

S3E17 - Hatchery

Archer goes to extreme lengths to save an abandoned nest of Xindi-In..

S3E16 - Doctor's Orders

The fate of Enterprise is in Dr. Phlox's hands as the rest of the cr..

S3E15 - Harbinger

As Archer tries to unravel the mystery of a rescued alien, long-simm..

S3E14 - Stratagem

Archer finds himself face-to-face with Degra, the designer of the Xi..

S3E13 - Proving Ground

An Andorian ship led by Commander Shran arrives in the Delphic Expan..

Full Episode: Chosen Realm

Religious zealots hijack Enterprise to use it as a weapon against th..

S3E11 - Carpenter Street

Archer and T'Pol travel back in time to 2004 Detroit to stop a Xindi..

S3E10 - Similitude

When Trip suffers a catastrophic injury, his only hope for survival ..

S3E9 - North Star

When a settlement of humans living a 19th-century Western lifestyle ..

S3E8 - Twilight

A spatial distortion leaves Archer unable to form any new long-term ..

S3E7 - The Shipment

Archer, Reed and Major Hayes infiltrate a Xindi-Sloth industrial col..

S3E6 - Exile

A powerful telepath makes contact with Hoshi and offers to help Ente..

S3E5 - Impulse

When Enterprise responds to a distress call from a Vulcan ship stran..

S3E4 - Rajiin

The NX-01 gets closer to a showdown with the Xindi when Captain Arch..

S3E3 - Extinction

On a mission to investigate an abandoned Xindi vessel on a jungle pl..

S3E2 - Anomaly

Enterprise starts experiencing effects of the spatial distortions pe..

S3E1 - The Xindi

Captain Archer and his crew set out to gain information about the my..

S2E26 - The Expanse

An alien race known as the Xindi launch an attack on Earth, causing ..

S2E25 - Bounty

Archer learns the Klingons have put a price on his head when he is c..

S2E24 - First Flight

Archer tells T'Pol the story of when he and a rival named A.G. Robin..

S2E23 - Regeneration

The remnants of an alien ship and two frozen cybernetic bodies are u..

S2E22 - Cogenitor

The Enterprise crew makes first contact with the Vissians, a species..

S2E21 - The Breach

When militants take over a world, the Enterprise crew move to evacua..

S2E20 - Horizon

Ensign Travis Mayweather takes leave when Enterprise rendez-vous wit..

S2E19 - Judgment

After Enterprise lends aid to a group of accused rebels, Captain Arc..

S2E18 - The Crossing

Noncorporeal aliens possess the bodies of the Enterprise crew.

S2E17 - Canamar

Archer and Trip are accused of smuggling and sent to the penal colon..

S2E16 - Future Tense

The Enterprise crew find a small craft drifting in space and are sur..

S2E15 - Cease Fire

Both the Vulcans and the Andorians make a claim to a small planet an..

S2E14 - Stigma

Enterprise visits a planet where an Interspecies Medical Exchange co..

S2E13 - Dawn

During a solo test mission on Shuttlepod One, Trip is attacked by a ..

S2E12 - The Catwalk

When a lethal neutronic storm approaches faster than Enterprise can ..

S2E11 - Precious Cargo

Trip boards an alien cargo vessel to help repair a stasis pod, which..

S2E10 - Vanishing Point

Hoshi experiences her first transporter experience and strange after..

S2E9 - Singularity

While Enterprise is surveying a black hole in a trinary star system,..

S2E8 - The Communicator

Archer and Reed return to a pre-warp society, that is on the verge o..

S2E7 - The Seventh

Archer, Mayweather and T'Pol travel to an arctic world to aprehend a..

S2E6 - Marauders

In need of fuel, the Enterprise arrives at a Quonset mining colony f..

S2E5 - A Night in Sickbay

Archer spends a night in sickbay with Dr. Phlox after Porthos contra..

S2E4 - Dead Stop

After the encounter with the Romulan minefield, Enterprise is severe..

S2E3 - Minefield

When attempting to explore a new planet, Enterprise triggers a cloak..

S2E2 - Carbon Creek

Celebrating T'Pol's first full year with the Enterprise crew over di..

S2E1 - Shockwave Part 2

Daniels and Archer must find a way back to the 22nd century in order..

S1E26 - Shockwave Part 1

Enterprise discovers a mining colony of the Paraagans. The crew gets..

S1E25 - Two Days and Two ..

After several delays, the Enterprise crew gets some well-deserved sh..

S1E24 - Desert Crossing

Enterprise is for the second time on its way to Risa when yet again ..

S1E23 - Fallen Hero

Enterprise is planning a trip to the relaxation planet Risa, when it..

S1E22 - Vox Sola

A group of Kreetassans are on board of Enterprise for a friendly mee..

S1E21 - Detained

Captain Archer and Mayweather are investigating a strange energy rea..

S1E20 - Oasis

The crew of Enterprise have a meeting with the trader D'Marr, but he..

S1E19 - Acquisition

Four greedy Ferengis have invaded Enterprise while the crew is uncon..

S1E18 - Rogue Planet

Lieutenant Reed discovers a rogue planet, which has broken out of or..

S1E17 - Fusion

Enterprise is on its way to explore the giant Arachnid Nebula when t..

S1E16 - Shuttlepod One

Tucker and Reed return in to rendez-vous with Enterprise, only to f..

S1E15 - Shadows of P'Jem

T'Pol is being recalled because of Enterprise' involvement in the de..

S1E14 - Sleeping Dogs

Enterprise tries to rescue a Klingon ship from sinking into a gas gi..

S1E13 - Dear Doctor

Phlox is asked to save the Valakians from annihilation by disease. W..

S1E12 - Silent Enemy

After an attack by a mysterious ship, Archers orders Enterprise' ret..

S1E11 - Cold Front

Enterprise has a group of aliens watching a stellar phenomenon on bo..

S1E10 - Fortunate Son

Enterprise is sent to help the freighter Fortunate after an attack. ..

S1E9 - Civilization

T'Pol finds unusual neutrino readings on a planet with a preindustri..

S1E8 - Breaking the Ice

Enterprise discovers a comet which contains the very rare element ei..

S1E7 - The Andorian Incid..

Archer, Trip and T'Pol are caught at a Vulcan sanctuary by Andorians..

S1E6 - Terra Nova

Enterprise tries to find out what happen on , the first colonization..

S1E5 - Unexpected

When Trip is dispatched to assist an alien ship with its power sourc..

S1E4 - Strange New World

Human curiosity speaks louder than Vulcan logic. Despite T'Pol's obj..

S1E3 - Fight or Flight

Captain Archer wants to convert curiosity into deeds and decides to ..

S1E1&2 - Broken Bow

The Enterprise, under Captain Jonathan Archer, sets off on its maide..