S1E10 - Night

Serena Joy confronts Offred and the Commander. Offred struggles with..

S1E9 - The Bridge

Offred embarks on a dangerous mission for the resistance. Janine mov..

S1E8 - Jezebels

The Commander surprises Offred with a secret adventure in Gilead. Ni..

S1E7 - The Other Side

Remembering her family’s treacherous escape attempt, a shocking re..

S1E6 - A Woman's Place

A Mexican Ambassador visiting Gilead questions Offred about her life..

S1E5 - Faithful

Serena Joy makes Offred a surprising proposition. Offred remembers t..

S1E4 - Nolite Te Bastarde..

Punished by Serena Joy, Offred begins to unravel and reflects on her..

S1E3 - Late

Offred visits Janine’s baby with Serena Joy and remembers the earl..

S1E2 - Birth Day

Offred and her fellow Handmaids assist with the delivery of Janine..

S1E1 - Offred

Offred, one the few fertile women known as Handmaids in the oppressi..