Violent animal attacks upon humans are occurring all over the world. Jackson Oz, an American zoologist who offers safaris in Africa, begins to notice the animals' strange behavior and takes it upon himself to solve the reason why before these attacks become more coordinated and ferocious.

S3E13 - The Barrier

Season Finale. The team races to stop the hybrids from breaching the..

S3E12 - West Side Story

After the team’s plane suffers a catastrophic accident in the hybr..

S3E11 - Cradles and Graves

As the team is trapped inside the plane by toxic spores surrounding ..

S3E10 - Once Upon a Time ..

After Jackson attacks Abigail, the team rushes to save her as her li..

S3E9 - The Black Forest

After Mitch’s alter ego, Mr. Duncan, attacks the team’s plane th..

S3E8 - Stakes on a Plane

Abigail holds Jackson prisoner in order to extract information from ..

S3E7 - WhamBamThank You Sam

The team sets out on a rescue mission for Abe and Dariela’s son, I..

S3E6 - Oz is Oz

Mitch seeks to rescue Clementine from her captors, and a glimpse int..

S3E5 - Drop It Like Its Hot

While Jamie’s under arrest, she manages to manipulate Mitch and Lo..

S3E4 - Welcome to Terra D..

Abraham and Dariela reunite with the team as they try and stop the h..

S3E3 - Ten Years Gone

Abraham and Dariela consider making a deal with Reiden Global for pe..

S3E2 - Diaspora

Jackson and Logan discover a link between the hybrid attacks that oc..

S3E1 - No Place Like Home

The year is 2027, and the world has reached a tipping point: as the ..

S2E12 & 13 - Pangaea / Cl..

Mitch and Jamie hatch a daring plan to undermine the Noah Objective ..

S2E11 - The Contingency

Mitch and Jamie brave an animal attack at the Russian Embassy in Was..

S2E10 - The Yellow Brick ..

With Jackson missing, Mitch and Abraham race to find him before Gene..

S2E9 - Sins of the Father

Jackson faces the most difficult decision of his life. Also, Mitch r..

S2E8 - Zero Sum

Jackson learns his mother is missing in Africa, but before he can lo..

S2E7 - Jamie's Got A Gun

Mitch digs into Jackson’s past to get the answers they need to mak..

S2E6 - SexLies and Jellyf..

The team travels to Portugal where they square off against a dangero..

S2E5 - The Moon and the S..

Jamie and Logan arrive in Caraquet but are horrified to find it’s ..

S2E4 - The Walls of Jericho

In an effort to unravel a dark conspiracy within the Noah Objective,..

S2E3 - Collision Point

After tragedy strikes their only ally within the government, the tea..

S2E1 & 2 - The Day of the..

The animal attacks continue and the team discovers that the mutation..

S1E13 - That Great Big Hi..

Jackson and the team make a final attempt to find a cure to the worl..

S01E11 & 12 - EatsShoots ..

When Jackson is injured after a run-in with the rebels in Zambia, th..

S1E10 - Emotional Contagion

On the run as fugitives, the team flies to Zambia to gather leopard ..

S1E9 - Murmuration

Jamie contacts a fellow journalist in an attempt to expose the truth..

S1E8 - The Cheese Stands ..

The team discovers a terrifying rat infestation when a cargo ship ca..

S1E7 - Sleuths

The team travels to Paris to search for a group of bears that were b..

S1E6 - This Is What It So..

While searching for a solution to the bat problem in Rio de Janeiro,..

S1E5 - Blame It on Leo

Jackson, Jamie and Agent Shaffer search for a chemist in Alabama who..

S1E4 - Pack Mentality

Jackson, Abraham, Mitch, Jamie and Chloe are tasked by a top intelli..

S1E3 - The Silence of the..

Jackson Oz and Abraham Kenyatta fly to Japan to recover the rest of ..

S1E2 - Fight or Flight

After Jackson Oz rescues his best friend, Abraham Kenyatta, from a l..

S1E1 - First Blood

Jackson Oz, an American ex-pat safari guide living in Africa, discov..